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Hi, my name is Wesny D. Archelus. I am a member of HPC and Home of Hope. I am an Evangelist and Minister of Music, play lead keys and oversee the musical and media department. I also am the head coach of the HPC flag football team. I’ve found that through sports it has given me an opportunity to bond with our youth outside of the church walls. During practices I get to learn players personally and have allowed them to see me more as a brother and friend than just a person in leadership at church. I have been part of CCSM for the past 7-8 years. It has been an organization that truly focuses on Christ first. Though we compete on a high level on the football field, we also get to fellowship with different churches. The fellowship off the field has been greater than that, where random players are coming together to play a game, but we leave with friendships and we have also become one family. As Christ calls us to be One Body, CCSM embodies that culture and creates a safe environment. Many people believe ministry is what is done only inside the church but on the contrary it goes beyond that and CCSM is a great organization that allows us to minister outside of the church. 

Hi, my name is Carl Gai and I am a member of The Greater Glory Church located in Newark, NJ. I graduated from Montclair State University with a Bachelor in Physical Education and I also hold an Associates Degree in Sports Management. In regards to CCSM, due to the factor of my home church not having a team, I represent EOCOG along with my brother in Christ, Kevin Faustin. At my church I am involved with the security team, taking care of the well beings of our church environment. I have a role in the music ministry, making sure our sound is up to par and ready to usher in the spirit of the Lord. Last and most importantly, I am one of the few leaders at my church that help usher in the Holy Spirit in any way possible to achieve our mission and vision at the Greater Glory Church. CCSM has allowed me to build a bond with other Christians like myself and has allowed us to fellowship in a competitive, and fun manner. This ministry has allowed me to be able to minister to others that don’t attend church due to the pure fact of the interest of nonbelievers that are able to watch Christians fellowship outside of a church setting through sports. CCSM has shown me how to be a better leader for myself and the upcoming generations that follow in my steps. The goal at the end of the day is to be able to bring your brother and sister to Christ and we utilize sports as one vehicle to attract nonbelievers and to help strengthen the faith of current believers. 


Hi, my name is Paul Pierre and I am a member at First Shiloh Baptist Church. I've been playing with CCSM since its inception and it has been a blessing to me and the young men in my community. We've grown from a one day football tournament to a 4 week tournament and have been able to reach hundreds of youth and young adults, men and women alike. I play because I believe sports is a great way to bring people together and uplift others on a common bond.

Hi, my name is Pascal Faustin. I play for East Orange Church of God in Newark during CCSM’s flag football tournament. I am an Assistant Director of the Children’s Department. The reason I play for CCSM is because it’s Christ Centered. When playing for CCSM I get to engage and fellowship with other brothers who share the same beliefs I do, while playing a sport that is dear to my heart.


Hi, my name is Brian Michel and I’m a member at First Shiloh Baptist Church, where I currently serve as President of the Youth Ministry, Sound Engineer for the Audio Visual Ministry, Director/Preacher for the Children’s Ministry, and in the Christ Centered Sports Ministry. I have served in CCSM for 10 years, both as a player and as a coach. This ministry uses sports and recreation to embody and declare the good news of the Gospel to all people. Through this fellowship, we hope to exemplify what we find in 1 Corinthians 9:25 - “Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.”

My name is Kevin Faustin and I am one of the leaders in CCSM. I attend East Orange/Newark Church of God where I am the treasurer of my youth department, Musical Director, drummer and president of the sound team. I am the team captain for East Orange Church of God in Newark flag football team. I am also the assistant coach for our girls flag football team. Being a leader for CCSM actually put me in a place to be a part of a brotherhood that lives through God. We can love God while enjoying something we love to play each week. Having other brothers play alongside with you and to see how amazing it is that I can rely on them both on and off the field.

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Hi, my name is Valdir Mondesir also known as Ace. I’m a member of Mount Olive Church of God located in Orange, NJ and am also one of the captains for the MOC team. I really enjoy playing for CCSM especially for the fellowship. Playing in the CCSM has helped create a strong bond with my brothers on the team and with the other teams. CCSM brings brotherhood and sisterhood, it allows us to play sports and most importantly it represents Christ.

Hello, my name is Woodney Lovius and I am a member of HPC and Home of Hope. I am Co-Captain of the HPC football team. The position I hold at my current church is lead bassist. I am also a father to a beautiful baby girl. I take part in the CCSM annual football tournament because it has helped me build leadership and character. Also, playing in this organization has introduced me to a group of men, youth and adult, with a mixture of Haitian, American, Hispanic and white cultures, and we have built a strong bond and brotherhood.


Hi my name is Joab Desilmar. I am an active member of Mount Olive Church of God in Orange, NJ. I spent my entire life at MOC, it is my home. Being who I am now and how I was like as a child, I love to mentor and feed positive advice to the younger generation. I believe in growth from unity and fellowship. Being one of the leaders in CCSM comes with a responsibility because of the amount of youth we have participating every year. It’s important for a young man to know how important it is to fellowship with others early in his life and to understand the importance of strength, care, love and acceptance. Being part of CCSM means being part of the growth.

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