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Hi, my name is Christina W. Philistin. I am a member at First Shiloh Baptist Church. There I am a Program Manager, Vice President of the Children's Ministry, Secretary of the One Voice Choir and Stage Manager whenever we have musicals or plays. For me, CCSM is a time to meet and fellowship with those who go to different churches. It's beautiful to see so many young people who have a heart for God. It’s also a great way to stay fit and an opportunity to do something that I’ve never imagined myself doing. 


My name is Kharenn Laventure and I am a member at HPC and Home of Hope Worldwide Church. I am a Praise and Worship Leader, Youth Vice President and Praise Dance Ministry Director at HPC. I play for CCSM because it is one of the best ways to fellowship with the other churches in our community. It also helps express love to one another and it encourages good works. Many aspects of our spiritual lives depend on being together with other believers to encourage, teach, serve, and share life together. 

My name is Nerlise St.Germain and I attend CEA Church of God located in Elizabeth, NJ. I serve in the body of Christ as a worship leader and the youth choir. My everyday goal is to be a leader inside and outside the church so the youth have someone they can look up to. I am a co-captain for EOCOG football team in the CCSM league. Aside from my love for football, wanting to be a good role model for the youth is one of reasons why I joined CCSM. CCSM is a good place to fellowship with the believers of Christ while teaching one another about unity, team work, love and compassion. As we should include Christ in all we do, we should also display the love of Christ and I truly believe CCSM shows that. There is genuine love there.


Hi, my name is Rachel Pierre and I am a member at First Shiloh Baptist Church. I serve in the Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Mentorship Ministry and Worship Team. I am apart of and love to play for CCSM because I love sports. I love the competition and the energy I get from being on the field or court with my teammates. Above all, I love the fellowship it brings between people. Through a sport, you are able to connect with so many different people from teammates to opponents and even referees. Playing sports is always a great time. 

Hello, my name is Esther Pierre. I currently attend Church of God of the Nazarene (COGON), located in Orange, NJ directed by Pastor Bienfils Pierre. I have been involved with my youth ministry for many years. I am currently serving as the Vice President for the youth, as well as a youth Bible study instructor. In addition to youth ministry, I serve as a worship leader in the church and am part of the Praise and Worship team. I decided to play for CCSM because I found it to be a great opportunity to engage my youth in a ministry that encompassed their interest of sports. It is a great opportunity, especially for our young men, to be able to fellowship with other like-minded Christian youth. 


My name is Rooseline D’ Haiti but everyone calls me Rosie for short. I graduated from Kean University in 2019. I’m a member at New Jerusalem Baptist church and also an active member of Messengers of God Youth Choir (MOG), EBNJ dance group, and a Young Adults Ministry member. Currently I’m the PR (Public Relations) for MOG Youth Choir. The reason I play for CCSM is to bond and have fun with other church members.

Hello, my name is Kathy Gai. I play for East Orange Church of God. At my church, I am a youth director of the praise dance team and also part of the worship team. For CCSM, I am one of the team captains for EOCOG. I joined this league because of the love and fellowship that is shown amongst all leadership and team players before, during and after the games. We get to come together, unite and also play a sport we enjoy. We all have the same goal which is to fellowship together while playing a fun sport for the glory of the Lord. 

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